Another possible complication

Just had my repair for my CSF leak. Surgery went well but this afternoon the NS said they are concerned & running a culture. Is hoping is it only a skin contaminants but could also be staph. Will know results tomorrow. If no staph I will hopefully be going home tomorrow.

I will be in prayer. Stay encouraged


I am praying that there is no infection and that you can go home. Let us know.


Praying for you Becki.

As if you have havent been through enough! hope u are ok,lots of love.

Denise x

TracyZ said:

Praying for you Becki.

Praying hard for no staph. Hope you get to go home today. Take it very easy.



Becki, so sorry to hear this but glad you can go home for treatment. Take care.


I am sorry that you are having another complication but at least they caught it early. I hope you get to go home ASAP. I am praying for you.


Praying for you becki, xixoxo

Oh Becky, I wish you weren’t going through so many issues. Stay positive if you can. :slight_smile:

We are all pulling for you. Becki, you've been through so much already!

Is there any bright side? I think you said pain management was better this time, yes? And does if feel better to have that leak taken care of? Do you get as much lime jello in the hospital as you can eat? Is that a good thing?

Someday you'll look back and try to remember what year it was that you had these surgeries. You won't always be in the hospital. One day at a time--and may those nasty staph bugs die, die die!