An itroduction to our community!

Hi Natalie (@Natniss98),

Welcome to our community, we have a wide range of topics from emotional support to talking about everyday hobbies to symptom management threads. As a member, you are welcome to start any thread you would like! We do have a few categories (like our category for bosts dealing with faith) that we sort posts into. If you have a question of how to sort your post, feel free to message me (@BFIntern_Jakob) or @ModSupport and we will help you out!

We love to hear about our new members by letting them introduce themselves! To start an introduction, click on the “new topic” button, think of a title, and start writing! We love to hear about each other’s Chiari stories and symptoms, but we especially love to hear stories about how our members are adapting and still participating in the things they enjoy!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me!