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Americans with diabilty act?


do we fall into ADA? I do currently work but am having lots of issues. I am 2 1/2 years post surgery. I get “flair-ups” once in a while. They effect my thoughts, speech and thinking, so much the chiari headaches anymore, but every thing else. When the flair-ups kick in, I start doing “dumb” things and wrong thing at work. to the point of getting written up:( what do I say to work that will not get me fired? I know when your hired they ask about disabilities but how about after your already working there? Are we covered? what do I need to provide to work if I am? I have been thinking about SS disability but have to get financially ready (work 3-5 years). any suggestions will be helpful.


I know how you feel strong text when i go to work i dont tell them what i have but they end up knowing something isnt right but i forget everything i must be reminded more than once and somethings i dont get at all but if we be honest they want hire us and its hard to get disability and one job after they found out called me a liability and let me go keep your head up but i think you should be honest with them about your condition but call a lawyer to help with disabilities claim for social security they will try to argu u can get a different type job but they all require memory and stragery.


The short answer is yes, Chairi is covered. The long answer is you must qualify for coverage. Your HR department will have paperwork that needs to be filled out about it.

Additional information about the ADA in general is here: