Amazing What The Untrained Eye Can See!

The other night one of my BFF's and Chiari Sisters were looking at my latest MRI scans that I have been meaning to show her since I had them done in November. She has a lot more experience with all of this stuff than I do since she was diagnosed in 2008, but as we were looking through them we started with my C-Spine and I noticed right away that my CSF was not flowing the way it was in the previous scans back in May. As we continued to look at them she pointed out a few other things that I didn't know a lot about that I didn't think looked normal. We also noticed that the slight curve that I used to have in my neck was completely gone. We then moved onto the Thorasic Spine and noticed a wicked curve and a few other things that weren't noted in the report. In the Lumbar Spine There was the lorodosis and the hemangioma, not sure what else was there, I asked her to take the disk home and make a copy for me. I was just amazed that I have absolutely no radiology background and was able to pick up on things like my CSF being pinched off and abnormalities but the radiologists and NS's couldn't see that! My friend said that the NS saw all of the things that were going on in my brain and decided I was way too complicated for I guess I get to print off pictures without reports and go show them to the doctors until I get somebody to see what is going on...things are deffinately worse than they were before.