Am I crazy?

Hello everyone. It’s been a while since I have posted here. I’m here today because I had surgery in May of this year and am having an incredibly hard time dealing with emotions. They seem out of control still. Is this normal? I’m in counseling, but my counselor only wants to put me in a traumatic brain injury ward. Am I crazy? What should I do? Should I call the neurosurgeon? Any help would be great. I sure need it. Thanks everyone!

Thanks for commenting Abby, I missed you guys too. Unfortunately my issues are a little bit more pronounced than those listed. I guess I’m going to need to contact my NS about this, just to see what they say. To be 100% honest I’ve been extremely depressed. The only time I’m not depressed I’m angry or annoyed. its been a very tough recovery. Thanks again for the reply Abby! I appreciate it!

I'm extremely new to this (just got called from primary doc about Chiari 1 on my MRI, meeting with neuro doc next week) but I've been dealing with the pain and lots of stress for a few years. I've seen a somatic-focused psychotherapist and that is helpful...for emotional stuff and also staying connected to my body, which has been a challenge. We work on trauma stuff, grounding, finding safe ways to feel sad or angry, accessing my own inner resources for feeling soothed or safe, and just being present in my body. Not sure if anything like that is available where you are at. Sorry you are struggling so much right now. -EE

I had terrible depression after my surgery. It was bad. I normally have I think low grade depression. But after my surgery it was really over the top. I finally went to the dr and got a prescription for antidepressants. It has helped. I was not coping and I just wasn’t getting over it. And no you are not crazy. :slight_smile: