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Alternative therapies? Accupuncture, water therapy etc?

Hi All!

I was wondering if anyone here has attempted any alternative therapies such as accupuncture or water therapy (to name a couple) to help manage their symptoms?

I have a girlfriend who swears by accupuncture. I used to be leary of it but she has gotten such outstanding results and it has helped her with her pain management (another issue, not chiari)

I know that with chronic pain and other symptoms, a lot of people do seek out alternative treatments because pain meds don't always cut it.

I got the idea of a rice bag from other members on this site and that has helped me tremendously. Also, when I'm having a lousy day, sometimes just "allowing" myself to rest, being kind to myself, takes some of the stress off. A dark room, good relaxation music, and comfortable pillows help too. My husband teases me because I tend to steal pillows..

I have been contemplating a consult with the accupuncturist my friend uses, and also seeking out water therapy to help me build up my strength. Having been SO sedentary for so many months now, even walking is tiring. I'm very deconditioned.

I am 9 weeks post op today. The NS said I could do cardio exercise as tolerated but not to attempt weights for another month, and also that he doesn't expect me to get my energy back until 4-5 months post op.

Wondering what alternative therapies others have tried?



I am very interested in knowing what others think about this also. If anyone out there has tried acupuncture or any type of alternative therapy, could you please let us know? We would appreciate it!!



Me too!!! My home PT and OT suggested I do water therapy, especially because of the EDS. It will be alot easier on my body, but help me to get the strength to use my body. Energy I still have NOT found. When I do think I've found it...I am in bed by 7:30pm. I can wait for me to be able to stay awake until my "adult " bed time (LOL). Thank goodness for DVR! Otherwise I would be missing all of my favorite TV shows.

Many Blessings and Love,



Water therapy is wonderful! I used to teach aquacize (before Chiari) and it really was easy on the body and still you got the exercise that you need. I think trying it would be worth your while. I am becoming more and more interested in acupuncture. We had a speaker at our Chiari Support Group meeting last night. It was so cool the things that she talked about. I just found out that my insurance covers it too so I am definitely going to check it out.



Thanks for the info Carla! I will check with my insurance too. Accupuncture is very interesting to mee too.

Thanks again,



The place I am looking into said that most Blue Cross/Blue Shield policies will cover some of the procedures. Luckily that is what I have! When I called my insurance company about it, I was so surprised that I had this type of coverage along with chiropractic and massage therapy! I definitely want to look into massage therapy too. I don't know if it will help long term, but it would sure feel good!

Take care and let me know if you find out anything,


Thanks for the suggestion, I’m going to check and see if my insurance covers massage therapy.


I don't have Blue Cross...used to, but not anymore. I am however calling my Insurance Company TODAY to find out!! Thanks for the ray of hope. Here's keeping my fingers crossed they cover something.

Much Love and Blessings,


I hope that you do have some coverage and can check it out. I am going to call today and get an evaluation set up for acupuncture. I don't know if they can help me or not, but I am going to check it out! I hope so. Good luck!