After surgery

Has anyone been able to do the same things they were doing before surgery? I am a cheerleader and I want to start up tumbling, but I keep being told no!

Hi Kaleigh,

Healing is not an easy or quick process. Our main goal is symptom management. Our quality of life is the thing we must focus on when looking at our restrictions. I know that there are things that I will never do again (things I probably shouldn't have done before surgery, as well). But I try not to dwell on what I can't do and I focus on enjoying what I can do. So it's about finding a balance to protect our health.

Good luck and God Bless.


u need to understand like sed b4 ur quailty of life will change.. now tumblin i kno was sumthn u did but u got to 1. allow ur body to heal and 2. think about wat can happen if u take a bad tumblin...i dno any1 whos will n ready to get cut open again for the same thing they jus had surgery for. i mean it happnz but they really dont want to. baby please take care and be very cautious of ur surroundinz.. it sux havin to give up the thngs u love to do bcuz of this "fren" of ours but wats more important ur health or wat u like to do. be blessed


Thank ya'll so much! I did have a long talk with my parents, and although we still do not agree on tumbling and I may be being a little hard headed (as all of us chiarians are) but I made the decision to try it. I figure that If i know my body well enough, then i'll be able to tell when enough is enough, and if I can or can not handle it. I am going to try out for a local university cheer squad, and hope for the best.