After surgery!

Hi!! Well its been 5 weeks after my surgery Im walking and doing things but I have these weird symptoms… My hands, arms are numb cant feel hot or cold in my hands… And I have this weird feeling in my tongue like tingling, numbness around that area… I dont know how to explain it… Nurses sayit takes times yada yada… Problems with my vision… But that weird sensation around my tongue… :frowning:

I am so glad to see you here on the other side of surgery! Welcome back, Glory. Thank you for sharing progress. Recovery from surgery does take time and is highly individual. I have read some here have put their recovery out months afterwards.

Hey, don’t you have a puppy? :slight_smile: We’d love to see any pics. Have you gotten to see him or her just yet? I bet they were thrilled to have Mom home and are a big help in your emotional recovery.:slight_smile:



Thank you!! Yes I am with my baby girl now!! Im home with my family and friends… Yes I have these weirds sensations, dont know if normal but well I might need to be patience. :slight_smile: i will share a pic of My Taylor of course the moment I learn howw to ahaa

My taylor
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What an absolute lovebug!! Thank you for sharing. How old is she, Glory?

She is six months now… A baby hehehe and she has been by my side all these time. I adore her. She was given to me the same day I was told I was gonna need surgery… So go figure.

Aw. She is precious. You have a hopeful reminder in her. She is a precious gift to see you through a serious surgery and now your recovery.
Hugs to you both.

Thank u!! You are beyond sweet. I hope Everything goes well for me… I get worried about these weird sensations I have. Hope its just part of it and Im on my way to get better. Hugs

Hi there Glory, your little puppy Taylor is absolutely adorable and I just know she is going to help her momma get through her recovery period. Take it easy, don't push or rush yourself too fast. Thanks for coming back to let us know how you are ... and we're here for you any time. Kindest, Jules

Thank you so much!! Xoxo