After surgery do i have to keep living with restrictions?

When I have surgery Will I be able to ride roller coasters, jump on trampolines, jet ski, run Exedra again? Or are those things I can never do again? Also does anyone know if snowboarding is considered safe when you have this condition?

This is a question best answered by your physician. However, after my son had surgery at age 8 (he is now 15), I was told by his neurosurgeon that he could engage in any sport except for contact sports, which is something he basically would recommend anyone to avoid. 'Hope this is of some help.

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I’m still trying to get in with a good neurosurgeon so I can’t ask one right now or I would. But thank you

Hey Natniss,
To be completely honest with you there are just too many variables for us to be able to answer that. For some people, what is considered a small herniation, can have a massive impact and yet for some whose herniation is considered large, they can have minimal symptoms. Also your physiology can have an impact, the length of time you’ve been symptomatic can have an impact, both on your physical abilities and your recovery. All of these things need to be investigated.
Tama is also correct that this is a question for a medical professional. A physician may have the answers but I’d strongly recommend consulting the neurosurgeon on such matters. Unfortunately having to wait to see a neuro is not unusual, some can be booked out for months.

Best of luck with it all and please let us know how you get on with it.

Merl from the Modsupport Team


I have my blue belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu and training had increased my chiari symptoms to the point were I HAD to have the surgery I thought that I would I would never be able to go back. However about 6 weeks after my surgery my neuro surgeon said NO restrictions In regards to the chiari and my syrinx So if i wanted to go back to jiu jitsu I could.
Just thought I would share a little hope :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much.