After posterior cervical Laminectomy 2-7 posterior and anterior both unstable

I wanted to know if anyone has had success with anterior fusion and posterior cervical fusion?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi Dee, I had an Anterior Cervical Fusion in 2009 as I was in unbearable non stop pain in my neck, shoulders and arm. I do not believe it helped at all. I believe if I had known about the Chiari then and had that surgery, it would have been much better. That is just me though. Everyone is different, and that is why it is so important to find a good doctor that looks at everything. Do you have Chiari? If you do, I would talk to the doctor and make sure you are comfortable about what your choices are. Best of luck and God Bless Karen

Thanks for replying:)
I have Chiari zero even Dr. ROSNER won’t operate on me even though he thinks it’s playing role in my issues. I do have cervical khyposis and swan neck deformity in anterior. I had posterior cervical Laminectomy 2-7 surgery now it’s unstable now rods fusion needed I have appointment with Dr.Henderson not sure if going to keep it though tired of Surgery.I do have severe neck pain can only sit up for few hours. God bless xoxo

You may want to get a second opinion if this is the only doctor you have seen. Therearenlots of doctors who specialize in Chiari. I would check on this site for doctors and maybe send you records to someone else and see what a they say. God Bless Karen

I sent records to Chiari Institute turned me down. ROSNER is one of the few and best neurosurgeon who is willing to operate on people like me. Thanks be blessed xoxo

Dee, so sorry you are in pain. I would definitely keep the appt with Henderson. Henderson may be able to help your Chiari and your neck- he may see a route to take that Rosner didn’t (you’ll never know unless you go!) Hang in there.


I really appreciate your response but just this morning I canceled appointment with Dr.Henderson I couldn’t take another surgery were i was off all pain medication 4 days after discharged from hospital like last surgery no one has answers to how deal with my super sensitive stomach.
I’m leaving this one in God’s hands now:)
God bless you sweetie

Dee, god bless you! If it’s ok I will say some prayers for you.

Please do I feel Jesus is my only answer at this point:)
Thank you again xoxo God bless you