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Afraid for my little sister

I have a 7 year old sister who has been having headaches. I don't know what is normal for kids her age. I told my mom to pay attention to that and to ask her where it hurts and how the headache feels. Yesterday my mom(home sick with the flu) called and told me my sister had something like 'everything goes black' at school. My sister, of course got scared. The teacher sent her home.

This hit me so hard! I instantly remembered that she had something similar once at home when I was there. I remember she was playing, being happy and then suddenly she said: "I don't feel well. I'm scared." I just can't bare the thought that she could have the same thing I have. And she is only 7! It scares me more than anything,

I had told my mom to take her to a neuro about the headaches, but she hasn't. Now, when she told me about what happened at shcool, I told her about my fear, but she thought my sister had also cought the flu and her temperature was rising. But today she is feeling fine. No temperature.

I know my mom will be hesitant, but I will push her to move as fast as possible. Whatever is causing this, it will be better to find out sooner than later. I will do everything I can to help.

Thanks for reading!

I can't answer you on what is 'normal' for seven year old children never having had children myself but my thoughts are that anything which has them feeling so poorly that they are scared, especially if it's happened more than once, needs to be investigated. As always, Fugu, you speak so much sense and your sister (and your mom) are lucky to have your knowledge and support.

Thank you, Jules! Your nice words mean a lot!