Affordable Care Act Information

The state exchanges come online in most states on October 1st. Anyone that doesn't currently have insurence or if you want to look for better coverage or a more cost effective policy can go online and shop for insurence. Each state has also been given grants to hire State Navigators to help people find the best insurence for their situation.

You can no longer be turned down for preexisting conditions starting at the beginning of next year. Great for us. But because of some states playing politics with health care reform if you live in OH,MO,TX,FL,AL,WY,AZ,OK the state governments are not policing insurence comp. so if you have an issue you may need to get intouch with Health and Family Services or your representation in Congress. We all have three..two Senators and a Representative in the House. Find yours here.. Even if they are against "Obamacare" they are obligated to help you get affordable healthcare. IT IS THE LAW And depending on your income you will be able to get tax deductions to make insurence affordable.

Many preventive healthcare exams will be free of charge and have no copay. A full list is here...

The website set up to answer questions by the federal government is here....

A very helpful website I found is here....

A great blog post that has information done through research is here...

I live in Massachusetts and we have had healthcare reform for 7 years now. Nothing has changed in my state other than the fact that almost everyone has health insurence. 97%... ER are not super crowded. You can get into see doctors ect... It has brought jobs to our state and has helped many community hospitals stay in business because they aren't going bankrupt from servicing the uninsured. There will surely be bumps in the road as this huge public policy gets implimented and as everyone switches over but we have learned in Massachusetts that it's nothing to be afraid of and has only been a plus for the people of our state.

Thanks so the links…I personally wish that the health care was handled state by state ,lie in your state…we have a plan here in NY which is great…there are quite a few states that do have their own system like we do…too bad that all states didn’t do it instead of the Feds…they scare me…LOL
Thanks again for the info…there are so many here with no coverage. This will assist them.

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I know that New York has long required insureres to offer coverage to all citizens but the premiums under the new system will be much less expensive and the list of no charge preventive coverage is stagering. The link above is really eye opening. In addition states where given the option of running their own exchanges and system or having the federal government do so and they were allowed to come up with their own plans and modify the perameters if they could cover the same amount of people. New York has chosen to run their own exchange and embrace the law so the premiums in your state are coming in very low for people. In addition the tax credits are taken up front so if you have a problem affording them you do not have to lay out the money then wait until tax time to get your money back. Only the federal government could do that.

This from the New York Times.....Health Plan Cost for New Yorkers Set to Fall 50%

One of the misconceptions is that this is a "Government take over of healthcare" The federal government is just setting rules and regulations that Insurance Companies and Hospitals need to abide by. The rest is just like regular insurence that we are used to without the negatives of getting turned down. I am sure there will be bumps in the road especially in the states where goverment officials are actively trying to torpedo the law but the states that really implement it like NY are already seeing the benefits. Not to mention jobs....companies are already ramping up making things like bandages medication and other medical impliments in preperation for increased demand. In Massachusetts the law passed 8 years ago was a tremendous boon for hiring in the medical field. Also our community hospital has improved by leaps and bounds because they no longer lose money on the uninsured. The feeling energy, service and infrastructure has completely changed. They put on an oncology suite that used to be just a few rooms and the emergency room has improved and expanded so you have your own space when admited instead of being side by side seperated by a curtain.

I hope the additional information helps...


lori said:

Thanks so the links..I personally wish that the health care was handled state by state ,lie in your state..we have a plan here in NY which is great...there are quite a few states that do have their own system like we do...too bad that all states didn't do it instead of the Feds..they scare me..LOL
Thanks again for the info..there are so many here with no coverage. This will assist them.

Thank you....I thought this was cool ..... Nurses Explain the Healthcare Law in 90 Sec.....

I also looked up some statistics.....The majority of the law hasn't even kicked in yet and...

3.1 million young adults have healthcare through their parents plan.(18-26)

6.3 millions seniors have saved 6.1 billion on prescription drugs since 2010.

12.8 million people have received 1.1 billion in rebates from insurence companies.

Louisiana's largest private insurence company estimates that 2/3 of their customers will pay the same or less for better coverage. (example of a small state that is not enthusiastically complying)

New York State premiums are set to fall by 50%. (example of a large state enthusiastically complying)

Conneticut anounced an average rate drop of 36%.

This year Washingtonians will receive an average refund of $512 per family covered by a policy.

Almost half of Americans enrolled in the individual market will get subsidies on average of $2,672. (tax credits)

24 Million Americans are expected to gain coverage by 2016.

I'm excited because it's worked so well in Massachusetts. It was a little bumpy in the beginning and cost more than expected at first because people were getting care that they never had before. My neighbors son was diagnosed with scoliosis at 14! He should have been treated years earlier but now has physical therapy and it will only get better once 2014 comes.

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Wendy, this is awesome, thank you!

Thanks so much for helping understand this all better!!! Many thanks!!