We have our first appointment with my son's NS tomorrow. I am very nervous and have thought of numoruous questions to ask, however I am very new to all of this and don't know exactly what the appropriate questions are that I need to be asking? My son was diagnosed with ACM1 and has central sleep apnea, balance issues, headaches, neck pain, recently started studdering, has attention disorder, vision problems, frequent severe stomach pain, throat pain, that is about all I can think of off the top of my head at the moment. Any questions or advice for our appointment tomorrow would be very helpful. Thank you!

Sue Ellen

Honestly, do what you are doing. Think of the questions you want to ask, write them down and ask. You will think of additional questions during the appointment while the doctor is talking. I hope and pray all goes well. Best wishes!

I would write down ALL of his symptoms and take it to the appt with you so you don’t forget anything. ( cause I know I forgot something’s when I went to the doctors.) As far as the questions go I can’t really think of anything beside, how severe is it, what types of meds would help some symptoms to make this easier? But those are just the basic. Best of luck for you and your son.

Sue Ellen,

Great advice from Rosey and Jessica. I would bring a note book with the questions you want to ask and also so you can write down iformation and answers. If you can bring someone else with you for a second set of ears that is always helpful. As long as they don't interfere with the appointment and what you need to get out of it. In the Resources section there is a link "Preparing for your appointment" that is really great. Best of luck to you and Titus. Just remember to breath and there are no foolish questions. Ask what ever you need to. Let us know how you make out.


Thank you everyone for all the great advice! I will definitely keep all of it in mind and I will let everyone know how our appointment goes! Thanks again!