Advice Please?

Just spoke with the nurse and they want to schedule the Chiari Decompression surgey, BUT also mentioned they are not even sure what symptoms are even realated. REALLY? ugh I am schedule to discuss. Any Advice? I am so scared and not sure what to do or ask.

Has the doctor said he didn't know which symptoms were chiari or did the nurse say it? I would ask the doctor at your appointment which symptoms he expects to resolve with surgery. He should be able to give you a clear idea of what can and cannot be resolved. If not I would consider a second opinion.

It was the nurse that said this. But I will make sure to ask that question. She also said it is not even a guarantee that it will relieve the pain... So i am waiting to hear from this Dr. to see what he says.. I looked him up and he has been a Dr. for 13 years. (not sure if that is a good thing or bad). This Dr I am seeing because the Lawyer I have from the car accident got me this lawyer so if I agree to the surgury I would probably have to see a Dr. at Parkland hospital since that is the only sort of medical insurance I have...

Which confusses me as well cause I dont know how this works being that this has been handled through a lawyer and them contacting the other person auto insurance.

My medical bills are already so high, I am not even sure how this works with the case, I'm not even sure I will see money in the end for suffering because they just say I have a medical condition but I never had any idea or any pain until the accident??????


My symptoms started after a car accident also. Please know that you are in control. Do not settle for a doctor that you are not comfortable with because you feel like it is your only option. THE most important decision you can make is who will do your surgery. You need to find out the exact proceedure this doctor is planing on doing and how many surgeries like this he has done. You should always be able to get a second opinion.

Likewise if your lawyer isn't serving your needs you can always change lawyers. It's your body and your brain and your health....You have the final say and you are the one that has to live with the consequences not them. Always know it's okay to ask questions and get satisfactory answers. Do not let them blow you off. It might help to have someone help advocate for you. I would also get a notebook and keep track of what your being told and by whom so you have a record of. Bring it to doctors appointments with questions you want to ask and then the answers given. We are all here for you anytime you need us.