A young nl?

Does anyone know how you would go about finding a young new nl? I don’t want an old one with old thinking and the belief that they have all the answers. I know this sounds somewhat counter intuitive. Old = experience. I want young with an open mind. I have truly seen so many over the years and it took me this long to get to this point. I am doing relatively well but I just want someone without the baggage that they have acquired to cloud their thinking. I worked for young drs in the past and I liked that they were more up to date on the latest thinking. How would one go about finding a young dr new to practicing. Let’s face it - they call it practicing medicine for a reason!! I am in the Baltimore area. Any advice or recommendations?

www.healthgrades.com usually lists how long the doctor has been practicing, how old they are, and ratings from patients! Hope this helps!


I will get you a list of young incredible NL in the Baltimore area. Please give me a few days. I have seen physicians of every age. I don't think good physicians are age specific. Incredible physicians in any speciality educate themselves throughout their lifetime to stay current on new research, technology & treatments. New or younger physicians have been taught & trained on the greatest & latest everything. They do not though have the experience that comes through years consulting with patients and life experience. Wisdom develops through age and intelligence & experience in any situation. I hadn't had luck with NL during my Chiari Journey. In fact I had pretty well wrote that speciality off. When I was hospitalized for POTS the first time at a teaching hospital it reinforced my opinion of NL's. Then my second hospitalization for POTS was at a different facility. My PCP wanted me specifically there for a specific NL. The NL at the second hospital was incredible and in his 70's. So there are many ways to look at the whole age vs experience question. There is also good and bad physicians at any age. We just have to educate ourselves to know the difference.


The NL I am going to see in February has only been practicing for two years. I found this out by searching on line and this information is easily accessible. I was concerned she wouldn't be experienced enough. I am glad to think she may be more opened minded. :)