A poem for my friends

I cry out to you
The pain cuts like a knife
I knew the road would be tough
But inside I feel like I’ve died.

The emotions come on without notice
The pain never leaves my side
The tears flood like the ocean i once trusted to bring me peace
Now brings embarrassing emotions I can’t hide.
It can’t last forever
This feeling of dispair
Sometimes I’m looking and seeing nowhere
This can’t be the end, I refuse it to be
The depression is taking its hold upon me.

My dear sweet friend, your poem brought tears to my eyes. I relate to you through the words that you have written but there is strength & courage here with us because we walk this walk together even though we may have different paths along this rare walk. Write positive affirmations down that you can use as your self-talk when you feel the heavy despair this illness can bring. If you need comfort and encouragement… We are all here! You are welcome to email me if you want.

With hugs,