A few hours of relief...after 4 years

A few days ago I was done with the pain and the ringing in my ears and being dizzy and just feeling sick so I finally called my neuro and told his nurse that all of the stupid migraine meds and the worthless pain meds didn't work and I had CM not a damn migraine and I couldn't take the pain anymore. She asks me how long I have had the headache, I told her 4 years. She says no seriously, again I told her 4 years. She says hold on let me ask Dr. what he wants to do. After a couple minutes on hold she tells me he says go to the hospital entrance D as in Dog...like I didn't know what "D" stood for...to get an infusion. I get there and every nurse there tells me "Let's get this migraine under control" Every time they said that I just calmly told them that I had Chiari Malformation not a migraine. Nobody had a clue what I was talking about. The nurse who came in to give me 2 shots in the butt asks me where my pain was my answer "37" She says "Wow that's quite a migraine" and again I tell her I have CM, she replies with "I have never heard of that" So I told her long story short my brain is falling out of my head...and then I just smiled at her...Her face was priceless. She gives me a shot of dilaudud and torodol and comes back in about 15 minutes and says "Is your pain still at a 37?" I said no about a 15, she smiled and walked out. She comes back about 35 minutes later and asks me where my pain is and I told her about a 5 and I can deal with that...She tells me I can go home. I start to jot down my vitals and all of that good stuff all of the drugs they gave me and she walks back in and asks me if I am ok. I look at her and say yup why? She said " I told you that you could go home, I said I know I was just writing a few things down then I will be out of your way...sorry.

After 4 years of wanting to cut my head off and throw it at the doctors and idiots that tell me that it is just a migraine I can finally say I felt relief and it was great! The only bad part was I went to bed and woke up the next day with that crappy headache again but hey at least I had a few hour right. :)


I totally relate on so may levels. I also like the nurse and Dr & Radiology "look"....We definitely should carry around video cams...no one else would ever understand....


hi There, I can totally relate to your frustrations. Ive been treated for migraine for years. no meds worked because obviously it wasnt migraine. even after my diagnosis my friends and colleagues at work continue to refer to my headaches as migraines. its so frustrating! its almost like they just wont accept theres something else wrong. My boss doesnt believe my diagnosis! he even asked to speak to my neurologist! i gave him a letter from my Dr stating what was wrong with me.

I guess they might believe me when i return from my surgery with a wacking great incision down the back of my head.

they've commented on my having surgery implying im choosing to have it for attention and that im making my NS do it!

it so difficult not having support at work.

ive only just joined this website but already im so glad to be surrounded by people who finally understand what im goin through!

I hope you find a pain medication that suits you and gives you some long term relief.

Take care.