A Chiari poem I wrote - what do you think?

I have always loved poems, and some times I can write them fairly easily, other times I can never think of the right words.. or where to stop it at lol

Saturday morning when I woke up feeling like crap and stiff as can be, the words came flowing.. but again I run into the one section I can't finish or don't know how to end it.. so let me know what you think, or if you have suggestions on something to change :) The last 2 sections/versus is what I was having a hard time coming up with.. or to end on.

Just another Chiari Day

Some days are good

Some days are bad

It is hard to say

If it will be another chiari day

At the sound of my alarm

It's time to start the day

Even if I can barely move

There is always a lot to do

I know I have a job to do

Or an appointment to go to

Whether my body says no

I still have to go

My arms feel heavy

My legs feel weak

Some mornings

I find it hard to speak

My head filled with pressure

My neck is sore to move

It doesn't really matter

I have something to prove

A smile I will fake

A laugh here and there

I try hard to not let others see

How much pain this chiari causes me

As the day goes on

Its harder to pretend

That there is no pain

In my messed up brain

I will keep pushing through

Work will be over soon

That is why we say

It's just another chiari day.

Thanks :) I still don't like the ending, but I am done with it lol

LOL That is true! Guess ya never know, if more comes to me then I will add to it.

I also started one for "it was the night before surgery" lol So we will see how they go. I wish I was more of a writer but it really isn't a strong point for me lol

Beeba said:

Well then you might have more to say. That would have been my only suggestion. Spill it girl!! If you don't like the ending the perhaps you weren't finished. Dig deep - see what else you got. You were on a roll. If this is where it ends it is great but if you have more to say then put it in there. I craft and sometimes it seems finished but I will procrastinate for weeks to months u til I declare it finished. I always seem to find what it needs and once it is in place I know it is done.

Love it!!! Thanks

You totally have to do the night before surgery one I’m waiting :))

I am planning on it! I should have a date for surgery tomorrow so I have a feeling the words will be flowing once it gets close! Lol

Brandi said:
You totally have to do the night before surgery one I'm waiting :))

Thanks for that,it describes a lot of the feelings.I’m starting to finally to live after decompression,hoping things keep moving forward.This surgery has been my salvation from hell.Even now there’s things to deal with but it is truly a God send.You sound like you understand the torture of it all.Hope you find relief soon.