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A bit of an awkward topic

Hi this is really! Embarrasing for me but I was wondering does anybody else have issues with bed wetting? Im 23 and im wondering if its related to chiari or something else.Its really bothering me and I should probably go to the docs which I am next week but I was wondering if anyone else with chiari suffers this way?.

If you look on Conquer Chiara - bedwetting is one of the symptoms

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Ok thankyou

I remember the first time it happened to me being totally gobsmacked. I didn’t know whether to feel completely embarrassed or turn it into a humorous story with friends in the hope if anyone else had encountered they’d say something - I didn’t say anything, but did find out it was a Chiari symptom.
I’ve had nighttime incontinence maybe half a dozen times in 3 yrs so for me it’s not really often, just something to be aware of.

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Dear Sallymagint, Yeah. Unfortunately, incontinence is very much a part of Chiari territory. When I went to see my neurosurgeon, he only took 3 tests; an MRI, a tilt-table test, and an incontinence test. The tilt-table test was to see how badly my blood pressure failed. (Prior to surgery, I failed in 10 seconds. A year after, I still failed - but it took 10 minutes, and an adreneline booster IV.) However, talk about embarrassing… that incontinence test!!! I never really understood how the results were figured; but the test was to show whether the bladder had damage, or if the nerves to the bladder were not working. My test showed the latter - which proved Chiaris. I had to stand over a bucket while they filled my bladder with water - and whatever happened after that (I just remember I couldn’t hold any of it in. I didn’t even feel any of it. I was so brain dead prior to the surgery - it’s all a blur.) Post surgery, I am much better - but still have ‘episodes.’ I wear a sanitary pad as my ‘diaper’ just in case. So - you are not alone in the wild world of Chiari surprises! BethR

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I wetted the bed as a child. I started having incontinence problems after my car accident 15 yrs ago. My symptoms from chiari started getting worse after the accidernt. I am not a doctor but stop n think about this…your brain is pressing on your spinal cord. Where do all the nerves lie, in your spine. I have a interstim placed in my upper right butt cheek to stimulate the nerves so I don’t have leakage. It helps but not all the time. So I feel anything you are going through probably somehow ties into the nerves in your spine. Who is to say beyond a shhafow of a doubt that your problem isn’t from chiari. I say anything is possible.