8 years & they tell me a 4.5mm is not significant

Hi Guys

I have just had another MRI (my 5th in 7 years),the last one 2 years ago was a CINE on but showed no CSF blockage, so therefore my symptoms are 'all in my head' said the Neurologist, go home and they will disappear.

Two years on, they are worse than ever, constant pressure type head ache near back of head, clumsiness, balance problems and I am so dizzy I often almost fall over. The worst symptom is a constant feeling of my head constantly 'bobbing' / swaying sensation.

After the MRI last month I was told that 4.5mm is sso small that the radiologist says that it isn't even a Chiari??

Those measurements are considered outdated by most specialists. I would keep trying to find a NS who can help you. Preferably one who specializes in Chiari. Your symptoms seem very much like chiari symptoms.

Have you had an upright MRI? When I was lying flat, everything looked normal. However, when upright it showed that CSF was blocked.

My daughters herniation is 4mm per Dr. Frim and putting pressure on her brainstem and yes he called it Chiari. Local doctors n town called it nothing. Find a specialist.