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8 months out after 2nd chiari decompression surgery

I found out in July of 2019 that I had developed a cyst and excessive scar tissue that ultimately took all the space they gave me with the first surgery. With increasing headaches and returning neck pain I was told they needed to go back in. The dr explained that because there was no space the fluid was feeding the cyst and it was getting bigger and bigger. So I prepared to have a second surgery. They drained the cyst, took more skull and scraped away mounds of scar tissue which extended surgery by 3 hours. They even took my tonsils out from the back side to give me a few more inches of space. That was in November. Recovery was extremely rougher than the first time. Rehab was much more essential the second time around. 8 months out and I have had no headaches. I still deal with muscle spasms and tightness but have been seeing a chiropractor to assist. Things have been really good

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A success story. We LOVE to hear those.