6 Months Later

Hey everyone,

So its been six months since my surgery, and i felt like i was getting back to normal. But I've been noticing that i have periods where i dont have headaches, and then periods where i do have headaches. It seems to be going back and forth a lot. And the last few weeks its been seeming like the headaches are worse. But i feel like its going to go back to a period of no headaches because that seems to be the trend. But not really sure why its been doing that. Any ideas? Also is it normal for that to happen after a chiari decompression surgery?


Hi Kaye,

There isn't a normal with Chiari.Many Chiarians do have post op Headaches. I am having a horrible one now. There are many reasons ranging from Occipital Neuralgia, a drop in barometric pressure, excess fluid in your head, sinus infection, stress, bright lights, loud noises, eye strain, fatigue,certain foods & beverages, adult beverages, smoking cigarettes, certain smells, allergies and environmental irritants, High BP, C Spine problems,neck& shoulder muscle tightness, TMJ, Cranial Nerve Disorgers, being on a computer too long, Driving in bad traffic or for long periods of time. Constipation and bearing down. I could go on and on.......This is a great Link on Chiari Headaches and Headaches in general. I would definitely enjoy the times where you are Headache Free,


Hope this helps,

Tracy Z.