this movied (50/50) hit me anyone going thru a medical issue should watch this. It is not a feel good movie and maybe this only something that helped me bacause I can't discribed the way it made me feel. If you have watched the movie before maybe you can help me.

Its hard to put it into words. Its about a young man going thru treatment for a cancer no one has ever heard of. It was look into his like with this cancer no one has heard of. I didn't relate on a medical stand point. It felt like the movie was put togeather by someone that knows the ups and downs of dealing with something unknow. It is also a movie you have to watch. I don't know but I will watch it again I want to know why this movie has had such an empact on me.

I may be crazy but since the surgery everything looks and feels differant. I'm happy again I didn't know how unhappy I was untill I started to recover, and then it just hit me that feeling of being happy for no other reason then just being there.
Emmaline said:

I didn't see it...how did you feel?

Holy crap - the scene when he drives off in Seth Roegans truck and flipped out at the anger and helplessness of his situation REALLy resonated with me. I've been there - yelling, crying, hitting things in some glorious eruption of frustration.

Tljmpr is right, and I suggest you all check this out, too.

Oh and the scene where he makes his scar talk...*twitch* AAAHHG!!! Yuck! *twitch*