4 Months Post-Op & Pregnant!

An incredible 4 months... Here's my --kind of-- brief synopsis...

July 2014-Diagnosis of Chiari and recommendation for surgery prior to the end of the year.

October 24th 2014- Decompression surgery with duraplasty and laminectomy of the C1 vertebrae.

October 26th 2014- Released from the hospital to return home. Two weeks of pretty drowsy living. Medication included Valium, Percocet, Docusate, Famotidine, and ice/heat.

November 25th 2014- Follow-up with Neurosurgery and released to go back to work on December 1, 2014. Site was completely healed with very little to no pain. Still a small amount of lethargy (due to the anesthesia.)

December 1st 2014- I went back to work part-time

December 8th 2014- Returned full-time to work

December 21st 2014- Our precious fur-baby Lila-dog passed away and broke our hearts.

January 19th 2015ish- After 4+ years of trying, conceived our first child with no fertility medications or treatments

March 3rd 2015- Neurosurgeon has no reticence about pregnancy or labor/delivery. Without return of symptoms, I will wait until after birth to have follow-up MRI and CSF flow study completed.

Not sure if the surgery changed the composition of my hormone levels and allowed for us to conceive or if it's just crazy coincidence, but I'm not a believer in coincidence. As of now, symptoms have almost completely resolved. I'm regaining balance and coordination as well as fine motor skills. My short term memory is still lacking, but I can deal with that. Sleep has been difficult due to no longer being able to take Amitriptylene for sleep while pregnant. I was instructed to keep vomiting to a minimum to reduce strain on the incision site, which I'm okay with.

Still thinking of and praying for y'all who are just starting the journey and fighting the upstream battle. Also for all the wonderful people who've been able to stick around and provide help and insight to others. This place rocks!!

What a busy time you have had, BestFriendsGoFishing, and your good news is so exciting! Thanks for the update. Wishing you well and happy. Sounds like you have lots of lovely plans to make!

Congrats on the baby. My last pregnancy as far as chiari symptoms went was the best 9 months of my life not one headache or any other symptom. Hope it goes that way for you.

Just wishing you a happy, healthy pregnancy, Best Friends.

congratulations!!! that´s an amzing recovery and the best way and reason to be ok!! please continnue let as know how is everything going!!! lots of hugs form Uruguay!


Belated Congrats!