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3rd surgery

Its been awhile since ive posted my recovery. My symptoms and diagnosis started 10 years ago. My symptoms were somewhat bizarre since it started with a gag from brushing my teeth and tongue. The pain was so severe i felt i blew out my right temple. The headache felt like no other headache i ever had. I was told from a mri there was a possibility i had chiari (7mm). No doctor ever confirmed my condition. It took 4 more years and many doctors later that my condition was addressed. I had another condition which i had surgery in 2011 to fuse 3 of my disks in my neck. 2 years later i had the decompression. I maybe had 30 days of some relief. The pain came back gradually then so severe that now im recovering from a full anterior and posterior cervical fusion from c3 to c7. 3 mos post op. No narcotics, physical therapy 2 times a week but the pain can be so severe and constant. Its not just the pain but its my memory. Very weak speech and problems with sorting out my thoughts. I dont know if its the recent surgery, pain, or part of having the chari.just wanting to come on just to maybe get some feedback. Its difficult not feeling like myself. I hope you all are finding some relief from pain and support

Sheesh sounds like you have been through the wars.
Of its of any help or insight…
I had weak speech when I had a crisis before my decompression surgery.
My voice changed and I sounded like a frail old lady.
I didn’t realise was a symptom as I was in so much pain at the time so we didn’t pay it much attention.
Post op it was a different story …
I had weak speech because raising my voice put pressure on my head and made it feel so sore.
I like to sing and im only just starting to be able to do that now softly at 4 months post op.
Hang in there
Best wishes

Oh haha just replied and it said 1 year later!!
Must get used to this site
Hope ubare doing well now :slight_smile: