3 weeks away

Hi everyone, I'm still trying to figure out how to navigate this site. When I scheduled my surgery (May 7th) 3 weeks ago I thought I would have plenty of time to prepare for this. How that 3 weeks have flown by, I'm getting more and more nervous. I have another NS appointment tomorrow to get more answers. When I called to schedule tomorrow's appointment, the nurses didn't seem to understand why I would need to come in. I feel that I have every right to speak to the doc before this major surgery. I plan on writing down a list of questions to ask him tomorrow. Can anyone suggest some good ones?

Do anyone of you thinkthis Chiari surgery will help ease my reverse curve and my c5/6 disc issues? Do you think the NS could fix the disc while he's in there? I will ask these things tomorrow of course, but I was just curious what you all thought. I'm so glad I found this site!


Hi Courtney. Welcome!! Good luck on your upcoming surgery May 7. I know you're nervous honey. It's ok to feel that way. Feel good about your decision to make yourself well. We're all here for you. You're not alone!

Not sure about the fix on the C5&6, but Here's some tips from someone who knows about Chiari surgery (brain decompression):

Prepare the best you can. Make sure you stock up on stuff at home that you'll need. Crackers, soups, jello, yogart, pudding, juice, water, ice pops, etc. are all good starters. Try and stay away from binding foods like bananas, rice, applesauce and tea. You 'll be constipated after surgery from pain meds. Get some colace to soften your stool and maybe get a mild oral laxative as well. Get this before the surgery. Prepare for not eating too much when you get home. I was nauseous for a while. That's normal. Your balance may not be the best, that's normal. You may feel cerebral pressure changes, that's normal. All these symptoms after surgery are different for everyone. You may feel great after surgery. Just remember, don't over do it. Even if you feel like super woman!! This is brain surgery and you need alot of sleep and rest. This is truly the best medicine. You'll more than likely go home with pain meds and a muscle relaxer. Hope you have someone in line to help you out at home. You 're gonna need the pampering.

Just some personal tips from my experience. I pray all goes well with your surgery and I wish you best of luck!! Keep us posted sweetie. You're gonna be okay.

Love, Christine :)