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3 months post op


I’m a little over three months post op and I’m feeling pretty discouraged. My main issue prior to surgery was constant nausea… and I’m still struggling every second of everyday. I know this recovery is potentially a long one. Around a year to a year and a half is what I’ve been told. I just feel like anyone who’s struggled with nausea and found relief with surgery typically reports feeling better sooner than 3 months. Anyone have success with relief from nausea later in their post op recovery? Please keep me in your prayers. I need some hope.


I have to wonder if there’s something else going on. Have you seen a gastroenterologist post-surgery? I’d suggest it given how frequent your nausea is. Having said that, I definitely do think they’re related and have struggled quite a bit with frequent nausea myself. Yours sounds a bit out of the norm of recovery though - but of course I’m not a doctor so I can’t really say! Hope you feel better soon!!


I am seeing a GI. I was diagnosed with gastroperesis in October so my doctor is referring me over to the motility clinic at Stanford. Hoping for some relief soon!


Oh that’s good! I also have gastroperesis. I’ve never been told it’s related to chiari but I’m kind of guessing it is - I think chiari can affect the whole system. Hope you feel better with motility treatement + continued recovery from surgery!


Hi Sarah, I hope that your nausea improves after you go to Stanford. Have you tired Zofran or another antiemetic? I too had severe nausea and I realized that it was related to my anxiety that I was having post op. I started taking Zoloft and that helped me so much. My anxiety is gone and so is my nausea. Do you live in the Bay Area? Wishing you the best with your up coming appointments. Shaneen