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20 days since decompression surgery


I’ve had good days, bad days, days I am mad at the world and days where I find myself at Walmart (only once,never again for a long time) back to school shopping for my three littles. I hurt still everyday but different kinds of pain. Nothing like before surgery and right after… wow! That pain is almost unbearable and I’ve had three kids with no epidurals. Today is a good day.

I do have a question. When I get up and walk around for a while, my tongue goes numb and my face feels weird. Has anyone experienced this? Should I be worried?


I has strange symptoms issues after surgery and called hospital physio after something or the other went numb/paralysed or whatever. She said that some of the weird symptom for the first few weeks after surgery are as a result of the brain kind of settling in its new position. I don’t know if that is true, but many of these irks did go away with time :slight_smile:


I had Mine on June 22nd ,not far out either. Thank God that has not happened to me. But if it were to,I would call my Neurosurseon ASAP !. Even if just to have a better feeling about it. Ya know. God bless you