2 years out and having new symptoms

Hi all, I am currently 2 years out from my decompression surgery and started to have some new symptoms that are worrying me. Im seeing my NS soon, but wondering if anyone has felt like this before.....

more often headaches - back/top/behind eyes

- more so when standing up


a burning feeling near my incision

neck pain

back pain

back spasms - in lower back, left side

arm pain and numbness

leg pain/numbness and weakness


and right side facial pain.

Thanks guys!

I’m a little over one year out and also symptomatic. I saw my ns yesterday and he dismissed my symptoms. I’ve reached out to this forum for some help and input. All I can say is what I’ve been told…Don’t give up if your ns doesn’t know what to do. Keep looking for answers. There are a lot of wonderful, kind and knowledgeable members here. I wish you the best of luck.

Christy said it- don’t give up. It could be Chiari or it could something else, like neck instability or bulging disks?? I’m glad your set to you NS. I hate to hear of my Chiari friends suffering. I’m sorry.


Thanks! Hoping my NS doesnt dismiss my symptoms, really worrying me lately.