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2 days post op at Mayo


Hi everyone! I’m currently in the hospital day two following my sub occipital craniectomy with a porcine patch and c1 laminectomy. Dr. Bydon performed my surgery on Monday at the Maro clinic in Rochester, MN. I would highly recommend him as he does a minimally invasive approach. I likely get to go home today after one night in ICU and one night on the general floor.

I want into surgery with a massive chiari headache and work up with it gone. My pain now is incisional mostly. I did not expect the next muscle soreness which is pretty painful as well.

I had a 10mm herniation and he said it was very crowded in there, so I’m glad I found him! I had also gone to Dr. Heffez who seemed great but it was a longer recover in the hospital and a longer more invasive procedure. Plus a longer drive for me.

I’ll keep you updated on how I’m feeling, but so far, so good!