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17 YEARS since surgery- now head trauma-

I had my Chiari I posterior Decompression surgery done by Dr Oro in Missouri 17 years ago!! Had 2 babies with epidural no problems- had minor bumps along the way (it will happen because it’s life) never had any issues!! HOWEVER, last September I had a pretty serious ATV accident (believe me, after 17 years and no symptoms you forget you had surgery and do things and go “crude! I’ve had surgery I wasn’t supposed to do that”) that was one of those moments. Anyway, I am looking for anyone that has had surgery then had a head trauma. I’ve got some stuff that has started happening within the last month and need to compare notes. PLEASE. Biggest problem is I smell exhaust fumes ALL THE TIME. Inside house, outside, EVERYWHERE. Then, obviously headaches (not like pre surgery), eyes, etc. A dr here locally told me that the Decompression surgery would cause the smell problem (phantosmia)- I call bs on that but want to see if anyone else has it. THANK YOU in advance

I’m sorry about your head trauma. I hope some one can shed some light on that. I’m only 3 weeks post op so I’m still in the healing phase. Best of luck. Prayers for you.

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