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1 year post op

My headaches have come back, I have terrible ringing in the ears, breathing problems, edema and heart palpatations. Was wondering if anyone else has had a decompression surgery fail, also??

Have you had a post op CINE MRI to see if your csf flow has been restored? It could also show scar tissue that could be causing issues.

Other than that I would look into POTS given the heart palpitations. It seems a lot of chiari patients also have POTS.

Best of luck and let us know how you are doing!

Thanks, Anglyn, I’ll look into that. I also ended up with a horribke infection in my head4 weeks post op. All the specialists I’ve seen thinks the symptoms I have is due to the trauma if surgery and the infection, which is non treatable

Hi Lanny...

Anglyn brought up a great thing re: CINE MRI.....have you spoken with your NS?? Keep us posted.

Good luck and hope you are feeling better today.

Have you got any resolve on the breathing? I am currently 1 year post op but have been having breathing problems since right after the surgery and nobody can figure it out.