09/13 Chiari Decompression & Laminoplasty then 03/14 L1 Laminectomy&Tethered Cord - Pain was getting better, now getting worse

I had my Chiari Decompression and Laminoplasty 9/23/13. After surgery things were good, a lot of symptoms improved and I felt I had mostly surgical pain. At a follow-up appointment with Chiari doctor he asked me symptoms I still had. He examined me and had me bend at waist and pushed me further then I could go to check for whether he thought I had Tethered Cord. I have been having bad pain on the right side of my body, especially right arm and leg ever since. He suspected Tethered Cord and sent me down for MRI after appointment and called that night to say I did in fact have a pretty bad Tethered Cord. I was scheduled for L1 Laminectomy and Tethered Cord surgery and had it on 3/13/14. It seems like I have been going backwards. My headaches are back like before and I have pain in right and left arms and legs. I still have bad pain in middle of back and am trying to find a way to sleep. It is so frustrating, if I sleep in the bed, I need help getting out of bed due to pain. If I sleep in the recliner sit makes my neck and head hurt more. I was feeling some hope and I am getting very depressed and losing hope. If anyone has been through this, PLEASE give me some insight. I really need some encouragement know. Thanks and God Bless Karen

Thanks Abby, I see the doctor 4/18, but if it continues this way, I will call him for a quicker appointment. Last time I saw him, it had only been 8 days, so he wanted me to give it a little time. When I first saw my doctor, I did not emphasize the leg and back pain as much because I had been told by other doctors that I had nerve damage from I piece of the disc breaking and lodging into the sciatic nerve, so I figured it was not worth focusing on. I just thought with these two surgeries I would be in a better place. Do you or anyone that has had Chiari Decompression have painful spots on your head that sometimes just are stabbing or throbbing or just painful if they are touched? Thanks for the hugs and well wishes. I really enjoy and need the support of this group and I try to help others when I can. Thanks Karen