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Chiari malformation, is usually present at birth and occurs at the back of the head where the brain and spinal cord connect.

Newbies Guide to Chiari

Included in this category are resources written by members by members and notes from the moderators. We strongly encourage all members to explore these pages. This category will grow over time to include more and more information

Greetings and Introductions

New members, start your experience here. Introduce yourself and share your story. Let us welcome you


Open discussion about topics related to Chiari

Success Stories & Positive Pick-Me-Ups

A positive and hope-filled place to exchange words of encouragement, personal successes, surgery success, inspiring moments and coping strategies.

Surgery and Recovery

This is the place to discuss surgery experiences and ask questions.


Symptoms you are having and anything you have found that helps your symptoms.

Emotional Support

Having a bad day? Are you flaring? We are here to listen and we get what you are going through. The is a safe place to share your feelings and to unburden yourself.

Prayer, Religion & Healing Energy

Because this is an international community made up of people with different faiths and beliefs, we ask that religious advice and prayers be offered here. Start your own topic (+ New Topic) and feel free to ask others to join you, using the "invite" feature at the bottom of the page.

Complementary Therapies

This is the place to discuss all the healing modalities that help you cope with Chiari and help you nourish your mind, body, and spirit. Please remember to discuss any new therapies you are considering trying with your physician.


This is an archieve of Member Blogs from the old site. Blogging is not an available feature on this site

Parents and Caretakers of Children with Chiari

The challenges of dealing with a child with Chiari can be almost overwhelming at time but there is also some practical considerations and common questions. Here is the place to ask.


News from Bens Friends

What's New With You?

A place to reconnect with community and share personal and health updates.

Physician Recommendations (Positive Review Only)

A good provider is hard to find! Please help out your Chiari Friends by recommending your favorite practitioners here. Hopefully, with your help, we will be able to develop a comprehensive list of quality, compassionate, and understanding providers. Please note that we can only accept positive provider reviews on this site.

Information To Share With Loved Ones

Information and letters to give to loved ones, coworkers, and caretakers of someone with Chiari


Member photos and videos

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


FAQ about the Chiari Community

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